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Positive self-talk can be a powerful tool to train our minds and shift them from constant negativity. Self-talk is simply a dialogue you carry out with yourself using your internal or inner voice. If utilized properly can improve your mood and whole being.

 Talking to yourself is a norm and believe everyone on a daily basis talks to themselves either in a negative or positive way. Basically, you engage in two types of inner dialogue with yourself; positive self-talk and negative self-talk. The mind is such a powerhouse, it harbors various thoughts, ideas, evil, love, revenge, and the rest, but the negative dialogue seems to always try to outweigh the positive. In this article, we will discuss positive self talk its benefits, and how you apply it in your daily life.

What Is Positive Self-Talk?

Positive self-talk is an optimistic and supportive dialogue you have with yourself using your inner voice. It is a personal conversation you carry out with yourself in your head or mind using encouraging and motivating words. The purpose of this is to potentially improve your mood, elevate your self-esteem and shift your mental state from negative to positive.                              

Also, positive self-talk can be likened to affirmations, or let’s call them siblings, with positive self-talk, the dialogue is with your inner voice, and with affirmations, the dialogue is out loud.

 Talking to ourselves positively or negatively is influenced by a number of things like our subconsciousness, background, ideas, upbringing, and mindset and they invariably manifest externally and influence our way of life, productivity, and general outlook on life. The power of positive self-talk cannot be overemphasized and its benefits are essential to our mental health and good life. Let’s look at the powerful benefits of positive self-talk.

Benefits Of Positive Self-Talk

  positive self-talk benefits are enormous and wholesome. Discussing with yourself allows for self-disclosure and intimacy thus sharing your thoughts and ideas with yourself. Communication is an important factor for growth and development, by simply conversing with yourself, you get to assess and ask yourself questions that will help discover who you really are. When a teacher was to know or understand his students, he asks him a series of questions, so asking questions within you will help reveal truths, misconceptions, and your subconscious mind.

Talking to yourself can be seen as being your own therapy and psychologist hence it is very beneficial for your whole mental health and can improve your well-being.

A simple positive affirmation can motivate you to succeed or carry out a task you were not disciplined enough to do.

Optimistically talking to yourself can help improve your self-esteem, establish friendships within yourself, and help manage stress


Talking to yourself occurs randomly and subconsciously. It can be daunting to be positive or optimistic, especially in tough times, but just like any other habit, positive self-talk can be learned and practiced in our daily lives.

To remedy a problem, you must first accept the existence of that problem, practice positive self-talk, and first, get rid of the negative thinking.



When you find yourself randomly engrossed in negative thinking, what you should immediately do is stop and check your feelings. Sometimes it is really hard to pause because these thoughts could just hit us and within seconds we are wallowing in them. Either way, try to think and evaluate your thoughts. Ask yourself “is it worth it? Of what benefits are these thoughts to my mental well-being? Most of the time, they are really not helpful except for revealing our subconscious minds in the case that we listen. So it is important to wait for a second and critically listen to our inner voice.


Being your best friend is that you’re able to listen to your thoughts run wild and decipher which is giving stress and anxiety, and which is beneficial to your mental well-being. Treat yourself as your friend, possibly create a scenario in your head and even have a third voice, listen critically reframe and rephrase negative images, thoughts and scenarios after all friends don’t


Every man is most definitely an architect of his own fortune consequently, if you surround yourself with negative people or environment, it will rub off on you. Anything that will stress you or bring negative vibes, discard it.


Practice makes progress and you are what you say you are. A great way to apply positivity to your daily life is by affirming them as frequently as possible. When you say them frequently, they become your mantra and they start to sink in. Hence, you’d be more likely to think positively than negatively. Start by asking yourself positive self-talk questions then take time to answer them.


If you want to develop a positive outlook on life, you have to have a positive mindset. Everything starts from the mind and manifests externally as time goes on. A positive mind can only birth a positive personality. So whatever it’s gonna take to direct your mind towards optimism, go ahead. Have positive self-talk quotes handy, listening to a positive self-talk podcast, a vibrant and happy environment, and journaling prompts can also help shift your mind from constant negative thoughts.


Negativity is something that can be very detrimental to mental health and increase anxiety hence, knowing when to seek help to prevent the situation from escalating should be paramount. First, you can talk to someone you feel comfortable sharing your thoughts with, a close family member, or a friend.

If after all these processes you still find yourself ruminating on negative thoughts then it’s time to seek medical help. If you helplessly err in pessimism it may be as a result of underlying factors like fear of failure, anxiety, or traumatic experience. Seek a therapist to help you walk through the process and possibly get rid of lingering negativity.


Will I be able to do this?I am more capable than I can ever imagine
What if I fail?I will win this and if I don’t, I live to try again
I am lackingI want to learn and I will learn
Why is it so difficult to get past thisThis is just a phase, it’ll pass
Nobody likes meI love myself
Why do I struggle with everythingI can do anything I set my mind to do
Everyone is embarrassed by me Everyone makes mistakes, and that’s normal. I am proud of myself and that’s all that matters
Life is unfair to meThere are probably people with worse outcomes, I’m alive and grateful, that’s a chance to try again.
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MORNINGS: Affirm and talk positively to yourself when you wake up, this will set the mood for the day.

 BEFORE INTERVIEWS: It will help increase confidence to answer questions correctly and potentially get the job.

DURING SPORTS: Research has shown that talking to yourself positively can help perform better during sports, no wonder athletes chant to themselves before performing.

DURING EXAMS: We tend to get nervous when writing important or difficult exams, encouraging and affirming yourself can help reduce any anxiety and fear and consequently good performance.

BEFORE GOING ON STAGE: Studies have also shown that students who speak positively to themselves give better speech performance than those who don’t.

WHEN TENSED. Positive self-talk can also be helpful to calm you in a chaotic tense environment, in an argument, or when just trying to deal with a co-worker or difficult situation in general.

The power of positive self-talk is one of the most important life lessons we can learn. When we talk to ourselves in a positive way, it can help us to feel good about ourselves, and it can help us to achieve our goals.

When we talk to ourselves in a positive way, it can help us to feel good about ourselves, and it can help us to achieve our goals.

Positive self-talk is a tool that if properly mastered can tremendously elevate your confidence, self-control, and health. Learn to flip the switch from negative to positive. Start with a positive message, focus on the positive aspects of the situation, and put on a positive outlook.


  1. Positive self talk is so important and it’s even more important that we start shifting the narrative because I think most people are notorious for negative self talk.

    I especially love the guide you created. Great post!

  2. Negative people can really suck the energy out of you. I’ve been trying my best to keep away from them. I can be quite influenced by others’ moods. And I sometimes struggle with untreated anxiety. Thank you – I will definitely be using this method.

  3. Thanks a lot for sharing! Couldn’t agree more; it’s all about the right mindset. There is a quote that I always find helpful when things go wrong “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

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