Follow These Routines For A Highly Productive Day

There are days we wake up and feel like doing nothing. Personally, if I struggle and get out of bed initially, Hallelujah! I move in circles, do very little, eat and get back to bed. This post aims at exposing you to routines and ways that will help increase your productivity level and hopefully form new habits.

Consistency in a particular activity elevates our excellence, creativity, and fruitfulness in general. This results from our daily routines and consequently, habits and character. In essence, our routines form habits and habits form character. Hence, I recommend you follow these routines for a highly productive day.

Watch your thoughts, they become your words, watch your words, they become your actions, watch your actions, they become your habits, watch your character, it becomes your destiny”


Routines are pre-planned activities that we set out to do in order to accomplish a task.

Habits are repetitive automatic actions that we carry out as a result of routines. Habits are spontaneous, acted upon without consciously thinking about them.

Character is a distinguishing personality trait or quality that defines an individual. Characters result from routines and habits formed. For example; to form a good character, your routines and habits must align with good morals.


Schedule Plans The Night Before:

This is basically planning your day ahead of time. It helps you have a rough picture of what to expect the next day. It gives you some form of control of your day. An example is making a rough summary of what to do the next day, having a mental summary, or making detailed strategic plans ahead.

Wake Up Early:

Early birds catch the morning worms. Not just waking up but also getting out of bed early enables you to prepare sufficiently before your day fully begins. Rise early, take time to do that 10-15 minutes work out or apply your favorite facial.

Do Not Snooze The Alarm: Morning sleep can be so pleasurable and stubborn. When your alarm rings, resist the urge to snooze or silence your alarm. Easier said than done right? Try distancing your alarm from your immediate reach, the essence is to aid you to get out of bed.
Pray: There is no better way to start your day than communicating with God or with a sense of gratitude. Say a word of prayer to God, it gives some feeling of fulfillment, hope, and readiness for a fruitful day.

Work out:

You don’t have to be an exercise freak to engage in a form of workout. Take 5-10 minutes out of your time to stretch your muscles, take a short walk practice some mindfulness. If you want something fun try aerobics

Recite Affirmations

: Affirmations are powerful and positive words that if recited and personalized, set your day and consciousness for fruitfulness and greater productivity.

Hydrate And Detox:

It is very important to stay hydrated because the body uses water to balance temperature. Taking water in the morning helps awaken organs and flush out toxins in the body. Other options are fruits rich in water. For example, watermelon orange. Detoxing also boosts your system and flush toxins out. My all time favorite is the lemon water. It’s not only easy but harbors a plethora of benefits. A cup of warm lemon water will do the magic!!

Take A Cold Shower/ Coffee

While cold water is helpful in calming itchiness and recovery after a morning workout, coffee helps increase energy and boost memory, consequently, both a cold shower and coffee keep away sleep and set you for the day’s activities.

Do Not Skip Breakfast

Breakfast is an essential meal that shouldn’t be missed. I learned this the hard way. Usually, I’d wake up, and do every other thing but skip breakfast. I’d feel dizzy and uninvolved, as I began having breakfast before my morning classes, I listened and became more active in class.

Pen Your Day’s Goals

Harvard business school professor, Cynthia Montgomery, said in her life-changing book; The Strategist, writing imposes a discipline that no amount of talking can match” This basically shows how necessary it is to write down your goals. Not just write but carefully define them, allot time to your tasks so you accomplish them easily and timely.

Postpone Emails For Late Morning

This is necessary to avoid sabotaging your morning productivity. Mails come with tasks to be executed, negative mails, calls, and responses to be made, and bad news that potentially weakens your work output. Unless it is official and needs an urgent response, I suggest you avoid checking your emails so early in the morning.

“Successful people are simply those with successful habits
~ Brian Tracy

Arrive Early

It makes sense to arrive early because you have access to first-hand information, you get to settle in comfortably, and manage casualties and unforeseen situations. You don’t wanna move from one pillar to post working under pressure because you were 10 minutes late. Try to arrive at least 5 minutes early so you’ll catch your breath and begins the next race.

Plan Your Outfit

It can be time-wasting and exhaustive to have your hands and eyes ramble for clothes every morning or give a sigh of “ here we go again ” Planning your outfit the previous night avails you time to pick out your favorite pieces and avoid hasty morning outfits.

Organize Your Workspace

De-cluttering your workspace gives a clear head of the tasks at hand. A clean desk motivates you to work.


You could either do this in the morning to begin your day or after the day’s activities to relieve stress. Meditation is an efficient practice to relieve anxiety and deciliter your mind.

Review And Comment

Putting the day in retrospect keeps a track of your progress and productivity. Review and comment on the day so far, this is also the time to plan for the next day.

Attend To Yourself

Usually, at this point, I personally disengage from every other activity. Take time to tend to yourself. It could be taking a long shower, having a sound sleep or even watching a favorite TV show. You can’t come and kill yourself.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret to your success is found in your daily routine ”

Was this a great post? let me know in the comments and share some of your routines if you don’t mind.

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