best offline ways for college students to make money

20 Best Offline Jobs For College Students To Make Money

 2o best offline jobs for college students to make money

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Hair making
• Nail fixing and artistry
• Cook and deliver meal
• Do student assignments
• Baking
• Tutor other students
• Creative design
• Makeup artist
• Laundry services
• Cleaning services
• Photography
• Painting
• Smoothie business
• Monetize play station
• Rent your apartment out
Make notes and sell
• Thrift business
• Babysit
• Work for the elderly
• Work in your uni cafeteria

As a student, I personally understand the importance of having a job or a side hustle that fetches extra cash. We’re constantly spending money in school, buying textbooks, paying various dues, making use of the internet, all of these require spending money on a daily. As money goes out, it needs to come back in.  Most articles out there have done a good job on how students can make money online, but nothing tangible about how to make money offline as a student I must say

This article suggests to you the 20 best offline jobs for college students to make money, businesses, or side jobs you can venture into as a college student. The good thing about this is that you don’t need to be techy, just a little skill to kickstart.

How To Make Money Offline for Students

Hair Making

I’ll always recommend that you get this skill before college, hair making is a big deal. Girls are constantly making and changing hair, this will fetch you cool cash especially if you stay in a dorm or hostel and you’re good at it.

Nail Fixing And Artistry

This is my area, I can’t count how many times nail fixing has saved my ass from not having any money. If you know how to fix and design nails don’t hesitate to earn extra cash for yourself. There are a lot of tutorial videos on YouTube for you to always learn and keep up with trends.

Cook And Deliver Meals

Who doesn’t like food? College is a student environment and of course, they spend money on food, if you have a knack for cooking then make it a side job to get you some cool money. Even better when you have a special recipe that your competitors don’t offer, you will definitely sell out.

Do Students Assignments

There are students who would pay a lot of money to have their assignments, research, and projects done. This is one way to make money as a college student. It can be tasking but, if you can commit to doing this with ease, then why not?


This is another area I make money and a competitive business that sells in college. Students celebrate events like birthdays, friendships anniversaries using cakes and pastries I mean, who doesn’t love cakes and pastries


It’s one thing to do make-up and another to do good make up. Not everybody does good makeup. Make-up is highly competitive and another skill that sells on campus. Students go for events, parties, weddings, dinner, and of course need good makeup looks. Get this skill and make yourself some money while in college.

Tutor Other Students

These days, tutoring is not only done by professionals, there are so many students looking for tutors or homes looking for children tutors. If you have expertise in any area, you can be a tutor and earn money while in school.

Creative Design

This requires some creativity, making designs on shirts, pattern printing, customized bags and wearables, creative hair accessories, and more.


If you have a knack for catching beautiful moments, you can contact local photographers to see if they need help. Because you’ll be working at events on nights or weekends, you’ll require a flexible schedule.
You can even start your own photography business by taking pictures of your pals for special occasions or pro shots.

Smoothie business

Work on producing distinctive smoothie parfaits and juices to sell to students and friends on campus to get in on the fun. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone with a passion for vegetables and a desire to live a healthy lifestyle. One of the most significant advantages is that you can develop and earn money based on order or any other criteria.

Work In Your Uni Cafeteria

Working in the cafeteria at your university will require little to no experience and pay more than most fast-food jobs. It may not be the most rewarding job, but it will pay you and provide you with free meals, saving you time and money on food preparation.

Rent Out Your Apartment

This is a great way to earn cash without having to spend time at a job. If you have an extra room or need a roommate why not rent out your space to earn some money. Students do this all the time and do it if you’re comfortable sharing your space.

Babysitting Job

If you love kids and handle babysitting them then put a message out to parents or homes that need babysitters. You can do this as a part-time job and earn good pay as a student.

Care For The Elderly

This is also a high-paying part-time job for students. The thing is you have to have the patience and kind heart to handle all the discomfort that comes with old age.

Cleaning Services And Errands

These jobs won’t add much to your résumé, but they can be a good way to supplement your income. Running errands and cleaning services are not a bad way to get some extra cash as a student.

Laundry Services

Laundry services is another good and successful business that any diligent and intelligent student may start, and it is extremely easy to run. Many students send their items for dry cleaning, so why not give it a shot?

Thrift business

It’s not required to buy your things through a secondhand store, contrary to what many people believe when they first hear about this type of business. These days, you can discover used products for inexpensive almost anyplace – at garage sales, on online classifieds sites, and even in your own closet if you haven’t worn them in a long time. In college, this is a huge business.

Make Note And Sell

Selling notes is a business whether you like it or not. You can sell your notes to your classmates and earn some money if you’re a smart student who takes correct and detailed notes. You can also sell old questions, useful articles, and write-ups that you have curated.

Monetize Your Play Station Console

For the gamers that own their own console, boys love to game, you can collect cool cash from the guys when they come to play, this can steadily raise a huge amount of money.


If you have a talent for art and painting, you can make this a business that will earn you some cash while you study.


I must say, it requires money to make money.  But, all I have listed do not require any special or huge investment, you just need a natural talent or skill and consistency some don’t even require any.
Remember to invest in yourself so you don’t miss opportunities.

 There you have it, the 20 best offline jobs for college students to make money. I believe I have mentioned what is there to be mentioned. If I missed any, comment below, and please subscribe to our newsletter for more.

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